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All It Takes Is 15 Seconds To Generate Leads

If you are like most businesses you are actively trying to generate leads through online marketing routes. There are a lot of different options, but not all of them work, making it a gamble to spend both time and money to test them out. There is one concept that has been proven to work and all it takes is just 15 seconds!

Yes, You Can Generate Leads with a 15-Second Video!


Research has shown time and again that taking the 15-second video approach can make a big difference and can be an effective way to generate viable leads. The key to having a successful video marketing campaign is in having the right video. And when it comes to videos the consumers have shown that less is certainly more.

New Marketing Campaign

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to having a successful video marketing campaign:

  • Start by creating a relevant, meaningful 15-second video clip that has a call to action. While you may question the short length of the video, new research has emerged that has shown that when it comes to “click through’s” (e.g., liking a Facebook page), people are 153 percent more likely to click through after viewing a 15-second video, as compared to a video that is between 16-60 seconds long.
  • The power of video analytics is staggering. With tools like Wista we can measure things like how long people watch your video and where they stop watching. Using this type of information, split testing can be conducted. Using new technology for rapid deployment of new video concepts, it is now possible to discover the most effective video type for your audience using a lean manufacturing approach: build – measure – learn with short iterations cycles.
  • You will have a much higher return on investment when you work with a professional who understands the 15-second video marketing concept. Knowing what to include in those 15 seconds is crucial to the campaign’s success, and that usually comes through experience.

TOUT | Yet Another Social Network with a Twist

The 15-second video marketing concept is becoming so popular that there is even a new network, called TOUT, that is based on the idea. Think about it, you don’t like to sit through a marketing video that is longer than 15 seconds and neither do your customers. Give them something short, sweet, to the point. By doing that you can gain an edge on the competition.

Inspiration for Your 15 Second Video

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